Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Final Five

top chef

so i told you all i love top chef! so here is my favorites from my least favorite to my top 2 (because i love them equally)

5. Leah her food never looks good to me. she always seems to give up and she made out with Hosea. something about her just bugs!


4. Carla oh my gosh people she just gets on my last nerve. i think her food looks alright but she bugs and she has a resemblance to the following animal

carla_0 ostrich

3. Hosea i like Hosea alright but i just don't think he is as good as Stefan and Fabio and he is always hating on Stefan what is up with that can you say insecure?!


2 & 1. Stefan and Fabio rock! i love there confidence and you can just see they LOVE to cook! and they know they are good at it but it is not arrogant if that makes sense. and the fact that they are European they remind me of my dad he had a very confident fun loving life of the party attitude.

stefan_0 fabio_0

so there are my predictions in case anyone cares. are you all watching?!

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