Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Chef Finale

UGH! that is all i can say

Thursday, February 19, 2009


top chef

so bummed! both of my guys were on the bottom this week with Fabio going home!!! i was so sad! i swear if Hosea wins i will never watch Top Chef again (ok slight exaggeration) but i seriously do not want him to win. Go Stefan!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


i was so excited after watching top chef tonight i am so glad Leah went home she was not in the same league if you ask me. i have never had a hollandaise sauce or challah bread i really need to venture out in my food because i haven't tried a lot of stuff i see on the show or most cooking shows i have watched

Carla is rocking it isn't she? i hate peas so her meal seemed nasty to me but whatever it was well done. i guess i still think she looks like a ostrich and did you hear her say she used to be a model?!?! what the heck!

Hosea is really starting to bug me and my guess is he will go home next week. he is so competitive with my Stefan and he is no where near him as a chef.

Stefan oh my poor European this week overcooked his fish but i knew he would make it through he is clearly at the top of the chef pool.

Fabio ahhh he broke his finger and still managed to win this week. i loved his comment about chopping his finger off and grilling it before he would go to the hospital lol. his chicken looked yummy didn't it? i love his personality it is so cute.

clearly i have no life i know that and i am OK with that. i am off to watch chopped, do you all watched chopped on food network? its alright i just try to figure out what i would make if i was given random ingredients in a basket. later....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Final Five

top chef

so i told you all i love top chef! so here is my favorites from my least favorite to my top 2 (because i love them equally)

5. Leah her food never looks good to me. she always seems to give up and she made out with Hosea. something about her just bugs!


4. Carla oh my gosh people she just gets on my last nerve. i think her food looks alright but she bugs and she has a resemblance to the following animal

carla_0 ostrich

3. Hosea i like Hosea alright but i just don't think he is as good as Stefan and Fabio and he is always hating on Stefan what is up with that can you say insecure?!


2 & 1. Stefan and Fabio rock! i love there confidence and you can just see they LOVE to cook! and they know they are good at it but it is not arrogant if that makes sense. and the fact that they are European they remind me of my dad he had a very confident fun loving life of the party attitude.

stefan_0 fabio_0

so there are my predictions in case anyone cares. are you all watching?!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top Chef

do you all watch? it is my favorite show on tv at the moment! i have watched every season and rarely my chef wins! this season i am going for the 2 Europeans i love those guys! they remind me of my dad (he is from Spain). Josea is a big baby i thought i liked him but now he bugs me. Carla looks like a Ostrich.

Anyway's thought i would chime in before i watched tonight! i have to watch it after wards so i don't have to see commercials....